Precision Radiology is an establishment based in London that provides high level analytic and clinical reporting service for advanced MR imaging techniques in neurological and neurosurgical practices to promote individualised care of patients in both diagnostic and interventional realms.

We make patient care precise and safe

Our services
We provide expert input in the following advanced imaging techniques: 
  • Diffusion Weighted Imaging

  • Perfusion Weighted Imaging

  • Functional MR Imaging

  • Volumetry and Voxel Based Morphometry

  • MR Spectroscopy 

Our focus
The world's first clinical double reporting service for advanced MRI techniques for:
  • Tumour work-up and surveillance

  • Epilepsy work-up and surveillance

  • Dementia analysis and monitoring

  • Multiple Sclerosis follow-up

  • Paediatric genetic and metabolic disorders 

Testimonials for our services

"Very specific and assuring reporting. A big relief!" 


United Kingdom