Dementia: What Precision Radiology offers

Dementia is a prototypical neurodegenerative disorder that inflicts a big social and economic burden worldwide. Novel treatment options are being explored for the control and management of symptoms and potential treatment measures.Diagnosis is still clinical and it may take years for the physician to confirm a specific diagnosis. Conventional imaging and 'eyeballing' for specific patterns is still common practice, and its diagnostic yield is very poor.

Advanced imaging, specifically using VBM or Voxel Based Morphometry assists with adding great sensitivity and specificity in picking up early volume changes in relevant areas of the brain. This tool can also be coupled with other sensitive sequences like Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping- QSM, to enable the sub-typing of dementia into Alzheimers, Parkinsons, cortico-basal degeneration, fronto-temporal dementia, Progressive supranuclear palsy, and multisystem atrophy- all conditions with different clinical trajectories, outcomes and management options.