Metabolic and Genetic disorders

Specific to paediatric practice, but also applicable to the late detection of neurometabolic and neurogenetic disorders in the older population, advanced imaging techniques, particularly spectroscopy have a role. This can often be combined with volume based morphometric studies to evaluate for selective reduction in volume of specific intracranial structures. Further, diffusion studies provide vital insight into the normal (and abnormal) development of the brain. This utility is backed strongly by research that has been conducted in one of the fastest emerging fields in neurosciences- radiogenetics. 

MR spectroscopy is of great diagnostic and prognostic value in many disorders affecting the newborn babies, as well as the child showing signs of developmental delay or regression. 

No specific preparation or contrast is needed to get this information on scanning. To improve our accuracy and diagnostic yield, Precision Radiology has a double read system for all its examinations by two experts before a report is sent out.