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Dr Kshitij Mankad 

Dr Mankad is one of 3 full-time Clinical Paediatric Neuroradiologists in the United Kingdom, based at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and also provides expert consultation at University College London Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, The Portland Hospital for Children and Women, and the BUPA Cromwell Hospital.

He provides expert consultation in all aspects of Paediatric Neuroradiology- Neuro-oncology, epilepsy, metabolic and developmental neurogenetic disorders, inflammatory disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, and is available for specialist second opinions on any neurological disorder affecting foetuses, newborns, children and adolescents. 

Dr Mankad is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has lectured across the world in every continent. He has authored 4 textbooks, 3 book chapters and 81 peer reviewed research publications. He is the Radiology Lead for Neuro-oncology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and works collaboratively with the PET-MR service at University College London Hospital, The UCL Institute of Child Health and SIOPe Brain Tumour Group, to develop biomarkers for assessing response therapy in brain tumours. He is also the Radiology Lead for the UK-Childhood Inflammatory Demyelination specialist group.

Apart from Neurosciences, he has a special focus on healthcare management systems and in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in healthcare delivery models. He is also available as a Healthcare Management and Hospitals Design Consultant.

Radiology Recipes Limited (www.radiologyrecipes.com) is his training outfit, specialising in imaging based training courses for health professionals.He also organises the following courses: Seminars in Paediatric Neuroimaging (www.spin-academics.com), American British Course in Neuroradiology (www.neuroradiologycourses.com) and the Practical Paediatric Neuroradiology Course (www.ichevents.com).

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