We provide image processing and detailed clinical reporting services on the following advanced complementary imaging techniques: perfusion MR, diffusion MR, MR spectroscopy, functional MRI and volume based morphometry. There is published literature supporting the use of these techniques to enhance the diagnostic evaluation of the brain and spine. Some of the common utilities are mentioned below:


  • Comprehensive characterisation of brain tumours using multi parametric imaging techniques

  • Comprehensive evaluation of suspect neurometabolic and neurogenetic disorders running in families using DTI, MRS and VBM

  • Detailed anatomical localisation of tumour or epilepsy lesions prior to their surgical resection to minimise injury to surrounding vital structures using Tractography and f-MRI

  • Assessment of the brain in suspected dementia using VBM

  • Follow up of Multiple Sclerosis patients using specialist white matter imaging techniques

  • Comprehensive assessment of patients with autism and developmental delay using MRS and VBM 

  • Neuropsychiatric evaluation of patients using VBM and resting state f-MRI

  • Volume and perfusion measurements in patients undergoing remodelling surgery for craniosynostosis


Services in these respects are available for referring clinicians, self-referring patients and families, as well as units running validated clinical trials. 


Our processing and reporting time with a double read between 2 experienced Neuroradiologists is 2 days. we are also available for further consultation on the issued reports as required in a suitable multi-disciplinary setting.